Our Caffe 

Bagelati Ice Cream and Bagel

Bagelati is a cafe that serves mainly Bagels and Gelati, among many other options that include breakfast, lunch sandwiches, burgers, protein smoothies, pastries, coffees, and espresso drinks.  Both the Bagels and Gelati are made fresh daily on the premises.  Tim and Mumtaz formed the corporation Bagelati in 2018 and the Soft Opening was June 24th, 2019.  Mumtaz has over 30 years of bakery experience and had a very successful existing Bagel Café in Delran, NJ for 15 years.  Tim’s background includes his MBA from St. Joseph’s University and went on to work in IT as a Regional Manager in TD Bank. Tim formed a passion for gelati and becoming an entrepreneur and began a new path.  He studied the art of ice cream in Italy by learning from the best, Nadji Celik, the owner of Luculus Ice Saloon in Bratislava. 




We strive 100% to have the freshest ingredients possible. We make our bagels and gelati fresh daily right on premises. Our gelati ingredients are some of the best in the industry and come straight from Italy to keep it authentic and real.  We often provide vegan options along with no sugar added options.  We have an extensive menu which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner served all day long.  We make our own homemade salads for sandwiches and only serve Boar’s Head meats.