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At Bagelati, we are not just a typical bakery or ice cream shop. Our story is rooted in a personal journey and a passion for creating something truly unique. Let us take you behind the scenes and share the story of how Bagelati came to be.

It all began with Z. Tim, a driven individual who spent years working in the corporate world for a financial institution. Despite his success, there was a burning desire within him to build something of his own—a brand that would reflect his lifelong dream. Since he was a little kid, Tim always envisioned owning his own ice cream shop, a place where people could indulge in delightful frozen treats.

After completing his MBA, Tim embarked on a journey to Europe, driven by a desire to learn the art of gelato making. It was there that he crossed paths with a gelato master named Nadji Celik. Under Celik's guidance and expertise, Tim immersed himself in the craft of creating heavenly gelato. The experience was transformative, and Tim knew he had found his true calling.
But Tim didn't want to stop there. He also had a close bond with his uncle, Taz, who had spent over 25 years in the bakery and bagel making business. Recognizing the potential for a unique and dynamic concept, Tim and Taz decided to combine their expertise and passions. They envisioned a place that would seamlessly blend the timeless charm of bagels and sandwiches with the irresistible allure of gelato.
And so, Bagelati was born—a harmonious fusion of Bagel Gelati, a concept that would delight customers from morning to night. Our menu offers an array of freshly baked bagels, mouthwatering sandwiches, and delectable gelato flavors that cater to all tastes and cravings, along with out smoothie and espresso bar. Whether you're in the mood for a savory breakfast sandwich or a refreshing scoop of gelato, Bagelati is the place where these two culinary worlds collide.
Every bite at Bagelati tells a story—a story of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of a dream. We invite you to be a part of our journey as we continue to craft exceptional bagels, sandwiches, and gelato creations that bring joy to your taste buds.
Welcome to Bagelati, where Bagel Gelati become an unforgettable experience.

Z. Tim and Uncle Taz
Co-founders of Bagelati

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